important note

if the listed takeaways seem a bit extravagant, be assured that they are not.       : in fact, they comprise only a beginning set of what is possible for sincere participants.       : profound, lasting, and continuously-emerging impacts on the quality of one's everyday life are to be expected as a direct result of our work together.       : every last one of the proposed takeaways is pragmatically achievable.

  • you will uncover new possibilities by tapping into deep reserves of personal power + latent potential
  • you will begin to understand how the mind works + gain control over runaway thoughts
  • you will learn how to release tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue
  • you will uncover the truth about yourself
  • you will fall in love with + learn to trust in the wisdom of your body
  • your performance output will increase even as your energy output diminishes
  • your capacity for learning + rate of integration will exponentially deepen + accelerate
  • you will discover what it means to operate in alignment with yourself + stop getting in your own way
  • you will understand what it means to engage with life from a position of choice, power, elegance, and control
  • you will learn how all aspects + areas of your life are connected, as well as how to balance + integrate them seamlessly
  • you will become more effective in your professional life + gain infinitely more pleasure from your personal life
  • you will begin to explore a simpler, more comfortable, and significantly more powerful way of being in life
  • you will begin to find new solutions to old problems + operate out of renewed possibility
  • you will no longer feel at the mercy of external circumstance
  • your greatest "failings" will be transformed into your greatest strengths
  • all of your most beautiful + beneficial qualities will be immeasurably amplified
  • how you perceive yourself + present yourself to the world will be forever altered + improved
  • you will discover what it means to operate intentionally from a position of grace, relaxation, and grounding
  • you will not have to defend yourself from, seek to control, or shrink away from life ever again

WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN       : an experiential approach to conscious evolution