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this jay salbert video is barely more than 2 minutes long + well worth the short amount of time it takes to view.

it features another one of my favorite abby gundersen songs + its overall effect really just blew me away.

pay close attention to the message being conveyed in words, in music, in composition - notice how it feels.

consider how remarkable it is that such meaning + emotion could be so skillfully expressed within just 2 minutes of film.

this was my favorite part:

maybe deep down, they all wanted the same thing - they just couldn’t find it.

perhaps they were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world.

some questions for you:

  • do you get chills when you watch this?

  • if so, what are those chills communicating to you?

  • what does this video show you about yourself?



this downloadable training on the neurobiology of somatic coaching is about 3 months old, but was only just recently sent to me by a close friend.

the presentation is hosted by amanda blake, author of your body is your brain - a recent release that i introduced just a few weeks back.

while the conversation is technically directed towards coaches, the material being presented is relevant to anyone who will hear it.

if you're new to the term somatic, you can think of it as an approach to the experience of the body as perceived from within.

if you take the time to watch this, you'll find that amanda ("mandy") does a really wonderful job of communicating in relatable terms.

the material presented is relevant, dense with implication, and concise.

most importantly, amanda has designed the conversation in such a way that you are invited into multiple meaningful experiences - something she is well known for.

expect to give this video your full attention.



add’l thoughts

i wanted to share some thoughts from a few of my favorite sections of the previous video. enjoy the following snippets:

  • (6:12) here we are introduced to important distinctions between conceptual self-awareness (which correlates to the WS:H practice of narrative design) + embodied self-awareness (which corresponds with body listening). i found it interesting to note that each of these is believed to operate on its own distinct neurobiological pathway. after watching this section, consider the differences between abstract thought + sensory experience. imagine how the process of learning might be accelerated by deliberately incorporating both.

  • (7:48) here we are introduced to the idea of a "distributed brain" in the form of our own nervous systems. in other words: we begin to see how the body itself influences + informs the brain. amanda indicates that intelligence in the "distributed nervous system" (throughout the body as a whole) can be thought of as an extension of the brain itself. consider how this extended network of intelligence might affect + even enhance psychological capacity. imagine what could be gained from uniting the intelligence of your body with the intelligence of your brain.

  • (1:04:27) by this point, we've begun to consider how our findings might affect the quality of our everyday interactions. amanda shows us how our awareness of others is augmented by the capacity to become present. in discussing this idea of presence, amanda introduces perhaps the most significant lesson of this whole presentation: the fact that sensation can only be experienced in the present moment. don't let this one slip by you. think about it: you can never experience sensation in the past or in the future; you can only experience it now. this means that: to experience sensation is to return to the present moment. paying attention to sensation, then, is a means of remaining present to experience as it unfolds. LET THIS SINK IN. inside of this lesson is a master key to self-understanding, self-direction, and (ultimately) self-transformation.

early on in the presentation, amanda mentions that she will make resources available for ongoing reference.

i have included links to those resources for your convenience here:



amanda blake

your body is a finely tuned social and emotional sense organ shaped by your life experience. and that shaping affects both the possibilities you see and the actions you take. your results in almost every area of life are subtly and inescapably influenced by the characteristics and qualities you've come to embody.



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