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this is a somewhat lengthy read that discusses ido portal + his "movement culture," but it is also an interesting one if you know what to look for.

for starters, completely ignore the nonsensical buzzfeed-styled title. take a moment to admire the great graphic art... and then dig in.

these points caught my attention:

1 |

ido actually had to shed muscle weight in order to continue his evolving pursuit of human movement. this is quite interesting to me: the concept of trading one sort of strength for another - an aesthetic power for a more functional alternative - for qualities like elasticity, speed, resilience.

2 |

there is a popular idea known as the "10,000 hour rule" which proposes that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master any skill. this article touches (only so briefly, but notably) on the idea that this so-called rule can be "hacked". it introduces the idea that learning can be exponentially accelerated by generalizing our approach to learning, even when we intend to make use of our lessons in a specialized field of application. this idea is slightly expanded in another article here, and resonates powerfully with the concept of acceleration so key to the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology.

3 |

spring-boarding off this last point, the article references the value of experimentation across a range of disciplines, coupled with a mentality of unstructured play. yet again, these "master keys" of learning ring deliciously familiar to anyone who has spent any amount of time with the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology. be careful not to miss the enormous value that they hold.



i first discovered appreciative inquiry (AI) nearly a full year ago when my friend (tivo) introduced it to me.

at the time i found it fascinating, but perhaps a bit dated. i also struggled to find quality information about its use in application.

still, the most basic premises of the method stuck with me.

now, all this time later, AI has decided to re-assert itself through the linked article - only, this time, communicated in a much more accessible + compelling fashion.

the article i've shared with you here provides a foundational understanding of what AI is + how it can be used in application: consider it a purposeful introduction to something that has proven useful to me more times than i could have ever expected.

although AI was originally designed as a solution for troubleshooting business systems, i would encourage you to consider how the process might serve to illuminate your approach to life.

this is one of those nuggets you can really run with if you know how to.




lately i've been contemplating the differences between motivation + inspiration.

i am fascinated by the copious mechanisms of self-motivation that we employ. most of all, i am interested in the more functional question of sustainability.

let's consider the differences between motivation + inspiration using exercise as an example.

i have an especially intimate relationship with this particular topic. in the past, i have motivated myself to exercise using any of a number of tactics.

  • i have set deadlines, intending to "look better" by a certain time or event;

  • i have berated myself for not looking the way i would prefer;

  • i have compared myself to others in "better shape";

  • i have disappointedly noted specific areas of weakness;

  • i have warned myself of the dangers often associated with "laziness";

  • and on and on it goes, ad nauseam.

take careful note of these tactics of motivation: each one depends entirely upon reacting to some unwanted outside variable, outcome, or force.

i didn't want to look flabby, i didn't want to feel unhealthy, i didn't want to be weak, etc.

in every case that i have attempted to motivate myself in this way, results have been... wobbly + inconsistent at best.

certainly, even those mediocre results have never been sustainable.

lately i've been very excited to achieve a controlled handstand - so much so that i have been actively training several times per day.

this pursuit has connected to a similar affinity for animal movements (or primal movements), and so i have been incorporating various aspects of that into my daily practice as well.

in this case, i am moving towards handstand out of sheer interest, with no real concern for "exercise" or "getting in good shape."

and yet: attendant to the pursuit of achieving handstand is the twin enjoyment of animal movement + inevitable development of the strength required for both.

as you might imagine, my body has begun to change dramatically - in ways i never could have anticipated at the start.

as a result of this (quite basic) inspiration:

  • my body has been challenged in new + creative ways;

  • i have spent more time "exercising" each day than i ever have before in my life;

  • my body is stronger, more flexible, more sure of itself;

  • my balance has incalculably improved (+ gets better still by the day);

  • even my mind has expanded through the process of learning;

  • and i have come to understand my body in all-new ways.

note that the only "tactic" here is basic excitement: the internal proactive drive towards something desired.

in considering the differences between my old modes of self-motivation + this new world of inspired action, i can't help but draw some startling conclusions.

  • where motivation requires massive quantities of mental energy, inspiration actually generates energy.

  • where motivation inevitably eventually falters + fades, inspiration somehow manages to expand - attracting to itself more + more of the essence of that which initially inspired.

  • where motivation reacts to a minimized sense-of-self, inspiration proactively expands the sense-of-self - it draws a person forward into untapped realms of potential.

needless to say, the differences are stark + legitimately surprising.

also perhaps needless to say at this point: now that i've got a palpable sense for those differences, there is no chance of turning back.

i'm profoundly curious to know:
where in your life have you experienced this distinction for yourself?



ido portal

most people think play is juvenile, but it's actually a training tool of all animals and must be undertaken with utmost seriousness.



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