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lately i have been especially inspired by my own family.

around 9 months ago, during one of my all-too-infrequent visits home, they conceived of a "crazy" business idea: selling ukuleles from their country home in the-middle-of-nowhere, ohio.

mere months later, i was back at that very country home to help them develop the plan further + to begin designing a website.

since then, my dad's office has been converted to an ukulele showroom; my youngest brother has spent every minute of his free time developing a social media presence + creating content of a quality that far exceeds anything i've ever seen in this market; both of my parents have begun to write for the brand; my mom has actively developed a local presence, and my dad has begun hosting video presentations of his own.

together, they've overcome inventory obstacles, attended an enormous annual event in nashville, cultivated meaningful relationships with top manufacturers, and filled the showroom with a more diverse inventory than can be found within a radius of several hundred miles.

all within 9 months.

today i'm excited to share my brother's most recent video - an example of what is becoming standard fare for him - a project that he planned, scripted, shot, acted in, produced, and released himself, from scratch.

watching it, i couldn't help but laugh. this video is just one small representation of how my entire family has been completely renewed + invigorated by a creative, inspired vision of their own.

+ i couldn't be more proud of them.

so without further ado: watch the video, visit the website, and (if you haven't already seen it) check out the video they featured yours-truly in, too. ;)

IMPORTANT: please consider finding + liking the ukebug on facebook via this link - you'd be surprised just how helpful such a small act can be.



please meet one of the most influential books of my personal experience: the kybalion.

i first discovered this short book around 10 years ago + it has been in-and-out of my experience many, many times ever since.

as with many of the most impactful material i've ever uncovered, the kybalion is available for free online as a downloadable pdf.

(the link i have included here should route you directly to it.)

keep in mind that this piece of material is somewhat clandestine + highly debated even among the few who have heard of it.

what i can tell you based on my own experience is this: if you can suspend judgement, pay close attention, apply a level of discernment, and then actively test out the material in real-life application, it could very well change everything for you.

inside of this short + unlikely masterpiece can be found the keys to existence.

if that sounds too lofty, i assure you that it isn't. much of my own work connects back to this very manual.

my personal recommendation:

don't take this for granted, don't minimize it, don't skim it. print out the book; read it; and then read it again, taking notes + highlighting resonant portions as you go.

the kybalion has been my secret-best-friend for so many years - i hope it can become of use to you as well.



this fun little tune from bonus points is called the little things. i've found myself listening to over + over again now for days.

be sure to listen to it loudly enough that you can hear the alan watts quote layered in throughout the song. it's really solid stuff, and a great groove to work to!

enjoy this! :)



this video comes from a brand i have just been so excited to introduce you to: healthforce superfoods.

it also discusses a product that i personally find reason to appreciate on a daily basis: the mycoforce immunity mushroom powder.

mushroom powder has taken on a relatively mainstream level of significance in recent years due to its wide range of beneficial effects.

but with such widespread recognition comes deception as money-hungry brands erupt to "trick the system".

the video i've shared here goes into detail on the sourcing + extraction methods used in creating a high quality mushroom powder.

my personal recommendation based on over a year of using this product every single morning: watch the video, order the product.

i personally enjoy mycoforce immunity first thing every morning in a fresh mug of hot english breakfast tea (rishi tea) with about a tablespoon of local honey + a dab of half-and-half mixed in.

if you decide to give it a shot, please let me know what you think!

to learn more about the product, visit its home page here.



steven heller

therapy, any therapy, succeeds where, by hook or by crook, on purpose or by accident, the therapist has helped the individual to break a pattern and substitute a new pattern in its place.



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