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animal flow.

trivia note: the very day that i first saw this video, i purchased the whole program.

something about the movements struck right to the core of me: the music... the fluidity... the musculature... even the cinematography!

i saw myself in them.

i knew that i was witnessing a brand new possibility, a potential version of myself... and i really really liked the version i was seeing.

that was back on 11.7.17 + while it did take me a while to gather the courage + prioritize the time for a deep-dive into the material, i have been working with it very seriously now for weeks... and my body has begun to change as a result.

more importantly, i have become increasingly more aware of my own body. i can feel more. i have more control over my movements.

i feel much stronger, more capable, less fragile. my physical connection with the earth has been utterly revolutionized: altered + enhanced.

in short: i have had so much fun (!!!) with this material, and it all started with simply feeling inspired about the video i've just chosen to share with you. and the journey has only just begun!

perhaps you'd care to join me. ;)



ok, so this might seem totally random at first, but you'd be surprising how much of a difference good-quality, healthful food + beverages make when it comes to maintaining an inspired + productive state of mind.

on that theme, please meet the first of several quality food brands that i am excited to begin introducing you to:

... c2o.

while i've been a big fan of coconut water for some time for its restorative properties (supposedly it contains more potassium than four bananas!), i have only recently located this brand in particular.

and what a difference! i went from drinking coconut water "occasionally" to drinking it multiple times every day + keeping several backups stored at all times.

simply put: c2o coconut water is the best-tasting coconut water i have ever experienced.

the flavor profile is unparalleled + consistent. to be honest, it tastes so good that i've found myself repeatedly checking the label to ensure that coconut water is, in fact, the sole ingredient! (it is.)

i would personally recommend the 33.8-ounce paper cartons over the aluminum cans; there actually is a difference in flavor between the two.

want to learn more?
you can visit the c2o website here, or else order up via amazon here (go for the un-flavored pack of 6).



when i first discovered tracey chattaway some years ago, this was the very first song that i heard.

(i believe spotify introduced it as recommended listening.)

i remember it stopping me dead in my tracks. i remember playing it again... and then again. i remember how the nature sounds inside the composition seemed to speak directly to my body...

reminding me to center + relax.

i can still remember closing my eyes + letting out a long, involuntary sigh... the way my whole being exhaled.

it remains my #1 go-to for moments of inner calm + meditative focus.

you can learn more on tracey's website here. i hope you’re able to gain as much from her work as i have.



brian rose

you can call me crazy, but i know how we can
save the world:
we start by saving our own
. movement makes us human. it
connects us to our higher self.

movement is life.

you might say, ‘this is not for me.’
but you have a body, right?
you know what to do…




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