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today is ido portal day #2.

+ if you enjoyed last week's video, prepare to have your mind blown by what i'm bringing you today.

this video is a full-length documentary by the crew behind london real + is viewable after completing a free registration (totally worth it).

i absolutely love the title: just move.

it is (easily) the best documentary video i've seen in a very long time. it's one of those experiences that "needs no introduction".

i've already watched it a handful of times (rare for me) + learned something new from it each time.

i hope you do, too.



i've been toying around with handstands for a few months now, but (due in large part to the hit of inspiration i've experienced since discovering the ido portal material) i've recently decided to level-up my game.

this, of course, led me to the source of all modern-day learning: youtube tutorials.

pausing here for a moment, it's worth noting that while the last sentence is posed somewhat humorously, its relevance + accuracy should not be ignored. we live in a time where quality learning is available to us in just about any direction we care to look, completely free of charge. a wise student (of any discipline) will make liberal use of this advantage.

before too long, i was very pleased to discover gabo saturno - yet another multi-disciplined creative - offering free online tutorials of a very high quality.

remarkably, gabo even creates his own musical compositions for the videos he shares! perhaps needless to say at this point: there is much more to learn from gabo than fitness tips.

he represents the very sort of person so many of us aspire to be: well-rounded, compelling, prolific, and endlessly curious.

the video i've linked you to here is the first part of his FREE handstand tutorial series. here are direct links to the total sequence:

see you upside-down. ;)



environment, part one

i've recently remembered how important environment can be as a source of inspiration.

for instance, i am seated inside a cafe as i type these words. it is my first time here.

some things that i have taken note of:

  • humorous signage, like the faux-vintage example hanging directly across from me that reads, "DRINK COFFEE - Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy"

  • the interplay of light-and-dark, nature-and-industry: apparent in the reclaimed wood elements + original red brick walls, unfinished cement floors + white marble countertops

  • floor-to-ceiling front windows open to the sun + sky, pleasantly contrasted against the heavier interior design elements

  • over-engineered tables constructed of solid steel i-beams + hefty wood planks, literally bolted to the concrete floor in order to eliminate instability (absolutely brilliant: wobbly cafe tables are a personal pet peeve)

  • an impressive pair of coffee siphons, slow-brewing through a proverbial glass chemistry set, one painstaking drop of liquid at a time (easily one of the most intriguing methods of coffee brewing available)

each of these observations serves to deepen my connection with the immediate environment.

the act of observing in this way requires very little effort on my part, and doing so supports an internal space of creative attention, expanded awareness, and general inspiration.

noticing (very literally) where-we-are can have a profound impact on our state of being. so:

  • how have you experienced this act of noticing in your own life?

  • how might you be able to practice it with greater intention moving forward?



environment, part two

taking one additional step beyond the sort of things that we're noticing when we observe our environment, let's consider an important quality of those things. it may seem obvious at first glance, but:

each of the observations that i shared with you was conspicuously interesting / helpful.

you see, when we apply our attention to any subject, we get to choose what specifically we will notice about that subject.

truth be told, i could have just as easily made note of the fact that the small space was beginning to feel a bit crowded; i could have mentioned the family at the next table with two out-of-control children; i could have criticized the choice of music or limited selection of pastries.

however, bringing my attention to these things (all of which were also true at the time) would have served no beneficial purpose. in fact, they might even have convinced me to leave after just a short period of focusing on them.

so this understanding forms an important basis for us in our application of noticing, since the direction of our attention so effectively determines the quality of our experience.

finally, this strategy of noticing-on-purpose is a practiced choice. so consider for yourself:

  • how can i improve on the quality of my own focus?

  • how can i more effectively apply my freedom to choose what i'm focused on?




you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.



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