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today is ido portal day #1.

+ this video is a bite-sized intro to whet your appetite.

i honestly don't want to say anything more until you've viewed this video. in fact, consider watching it now before reading any further.

hint: if this resonates with you, then you're going to LOVE what i've got in store for you next week!




if this appears to be a video about jumping fences... check again.

if you look closely, you may even notice several "secrets" for effective learning. let's consider two examples:

making use of what's immediately available to us in any given circumstance eliminates excuses. it also engages our innate capacity for ingenuity. as if that weren't enough, resourcefulness also infuses "lifeless objects" with meaning + purpose. all of a sudden, something as ordinary as a fence becomes a practically-infinite space of play + exploration!

it has been said that improvisation is the ultimate form of learning. this is because it causes us to step outside the box of predictable routines + expectations to explore the wilds of spontaneous creation. improvisation is where the student becomes the master-student; it is where teacher + taught converge on a single point; it is the realm of self-directed learning.

while these "secrets" are being applied to movement exploration in this particular example, they apply equally well to any area of learning or self-development.

i'd love to know: in what ways have you been using resourcefulness + improvisation to hack the learning process + achieve exponential results?



i've been reading a new book recently. it comes highly recommended by my friend, paula vickers.

in fact, i was first introduced to the work of dr. joe dispenza nearly a decade ago when i watched a film called what the bleep do we know?.

becoming supernatural is one of dr. dispenza's most recent offerings + what a treasure trove! i would recommend it to anyone serious about self-understanding.

i'm only 39 pages in + already legitimately mind-blown. i hope you choose to join me + order up.

in fact, if you do... email me! we can explore this new territory together.



walter carrington

so long as we are alive, we are moving. we are, to a considerable extent, being carried. it’s very much up to us to see that we’re not carried in directions that we don’t want to be carried in.



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