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ok, i'll admit: i've been holding out on you. i first saw this beautiful talk some time ago + have had it bookmarked ever since.

prior to experiencing this video, i had never heard of victoria castle. the link came to me by way of a close friend and, initially, i watched it primarily as a courtesy.

perhaps needless to say at this point, i was in for a complete surprise.

in her presentation on embodying abundance, victoria radiates the very essence of the message she communicates.

(this is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the conversation from my perspective.)

almost from the moment she steps on-stage, you can sense her authentic presence as one of calm, sincerity, kindness, humor.

the message itself is at least as important as the qualities victoria embodies + i was happy to find it grounded firmly in actual experience.

the video is brief: articulate + to the point. start at 2:10 to skip right to the talk.



i know, i know. you've already met guillaume laplane. but I knew when i shared that first video of his with you that i would just have to share this one, too.

this is another of those videos that i've found myself returning to time + time again. it continues to speak to me, probably still on levels i have yet to fully grasp.

i've always appreciated the gabrielle roth quote at the very start of the presentation:

waves move in patterns.
patterns move in rhythms.
a human being is just that -
energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
nothing more.
nothing less.
a dance

note the lightness + spontaneity of exploration in his movements. watch his feet + toes starting at 1:17. notice the way his "audience" interacts... is drawn in to the experience.

don't miss the credit scenes at the end - they're fun, too.



ok. so this brand simultaneously cracks me up + inspires me to no end.

once you're done shaking your head at the name (nutsac), head on over to this link + learn about their stance on "transparent pricing."

truthfully, this is unlike anything i've ever seen before.

if you visit any one of their products (here's an example) + scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll notice a concise breakdown of costs, including: labor, materials, fees, and freight.


this idea infuses the shopping experience with a whole new atmosphere of integrity, doesn't it?

the natural result = an elevated consumer valuation of the product and, ultimately, a deepening of trust.

nutsac's strategy begs the question:

how can more of us think outside the box in driving for greater + greater levels of transparency, honesty, and connection on behalf of those we serve?



f.m. alexander

the human organism always functions as a whole and can only be fundamentally changed as a whole.



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