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i absolutely love the movement + cinematography demonstrated in this video from guillaume laplane.

a careful viewing introduces texture + sensation: sand, water, wind, stone, and earth. note also the use of blindfolds to heighten tactile sensation + alternative methods of awareness.

the experience offers a steady stream of creativity, vulnerability, self-expression. you can almost feel yourself joining the dancers on their beaches, on their sand dunes, in their fields + forest retreats...

most of all, you can feel yourself contained inside the spontaneity of the movements themselves as they unfold.

i've come back to this video time + time again for the inspiration that it offers, for the invitation to play along.

i hope it has a similar effect on you.



i am very excited to feature the work of amanda blake in her newly-released book, your body is your brain.

i've been following amanda for some time via her website, embright.org, which is a treasure trove of applicable, well-articulated, and FREE material.

i've always appreciated amanda for her ability to communicate relatively complex + scientific concepts in a manner that is accessible, relatable, and pragmatically relevant to my everyday experiences.

her new book is no exception to this usual way of demonstrating usefulness + it deserves lots of attentive readers!

here's a direct link to her amazon listing.



add’l thoughts

in your body is your brain, amanda blake defines embodiment as: our extraordinary ability to put complex actions and interactions on autopilot, so that "what comes next" or "how to respond" become second nature.

i love this definition because: 1) it perfectly mirrors my own experience, and 2) there is so much choice in it.

so often we perceive of ourselves as victims of our automatic tendencies + unconscious internal states. often, we feel manhandled by those "actions and interactions on autopilot."

but amanda's definition of embodiment illuminates a whole new world of possibility in which we gain access to a cultivated level of control over what sort of actions + responses we are automating.

it reminds us that we have the capacity to choose, to inhibit outdated modes of behavior, and to replace those outdated modes with more helpful, consciously-intended alternatives.

this realization is huge + remains a foundational aspect of our work at WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN, because:

you do have a choice. you do get to choose. you have, right here + right now, the power to design yourself in the image of your very best intentions.



welcome to SHINOLA, one of my all-time favorite brands, period.

i met SHINOLA several years ago while casually perusing the shops of venice beach with my younger brothers.

the storefront stuck out like a sore thumb: all glass + leather + lighting, a decidedly luxurious minimalist presentation against the backdrop of overtly "beachy" neighbors.

since then i have followed the brand closely, celebrating as it quickly expanded from a tiny detroit-based artisanal experiment into a full-fledged boutique brand experience.

the company describes itself this way:

shinola is founded in the belief that products should be well-made and built to last. across a growing number of categories, shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, and the beauty of industry.

of all the things we make, the return of manufacturing jobs might just be the thing we're most proud of

a recent tagline reads:

the era of disposability is over.

to this day, SHINOLA remains my #1 go-to for handmade leather goods, top-quality journals, and more.

(for a fun read, CLICK HERE to learn about those journals - you'll be glad you did.)

recently, i have acquired the following:

Medium Leather Journal Cover in Deep Brown | Medium Hard Linen Handmade Journal in Navy | Six Pocket Card Case / Wallet in Charcoal | 18-Month Runwell Planner in Black

+ i would recommend every last one.



paul linden

[life] is a laboratory for exploration of mind and body.



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