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this talk, compliments of the exceptionally valuable coaches rising podcast, features psychologist rick hanson + is one of the very best episodes i've heard (from any podcast) in quite some time.

rick explores the idea of learning as "the superpower of superpowers" + discusses the functional aspects of transforming beneficial states (fleeting) into helpful traits (sustained).

the greatest value of this talk is in its practicality + applicability. it is well worth the time it takes to listen through. i hope you feel the same way after experiencing it for yourself.



this video is a thing of quiet beauty: enjoyable to watch, uplifting, and specifically inspiring to me considering that the entire experience was recorded using only a smartphone (iPhone 8)!

i can almost feel myself there in the scene set by the video:

the thick moisture of the fog. the way it coats my palate when i breathe. the heaviness of the trees slumping gently overhead. the crunch of earth beneath my feet. the chill embrace of solitude.

the voice-over refers to a "magical moment" + this video reminds me to look for exactly that inside of every single day.



this youtube channel features a taste of what i'm listening to at the moment.

slow meadow is a masterful contribution - a meditative music project from ambient artist, matt kidd - every song as beautiful as the one before it.

one song that i've found myself continually returning to is called crown of amber canopy + can be listened to at this link.

if it's possible to do so, stop what you're doing + really listen to it. close your eyes... and breathe.



william james

genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in a non-habitual way.



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