chapter one

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K-A-I-Z-E-N chronicles

kaizen is a Japanese term understood to mean "continuous change for the better."       : the concept has been most famously applied to the perfection of processes in big industry, but here we direct it toward our own exploration of continual self-improvement.       : the K-A-I-Z-E-N chronicles are a rare glimpse into the realistic application of this concept in everyday life.       : subscribers can expect to receive regular emails from WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN founder, tim brainard, containing snapshots of his own daily findings.       : these may include quotes, links, insights, ideas, and so forth.       : all findings will emerge from tim's personal explorations; none have been pre-recorded in advance of this project.

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mission: K-A-I-Z-E-N

mission: K-A-I-Z-E-N builds on the previous experiment by introducing a significantly more dynamic + impactful component to the work.       : here, mission members are invited to participate + contribute out of their own experience on a weekly basis.       : this is our first official call to contribution.       : benefits include exclusive access to the mission, remote accountability, active-orientation support, and ongoing personal progress tracking, among others.       : membership is available by annual subscription only for just $11.11/month.

mission: K-A-I-Z-E-N is a collaborative event appropriate for serious applicants only.       : click the button below to learn more now.





introductory consultation

authentic progress within a co-learning environment is entirely dependent upon the quality of connection between parties.       : this is why our 45-minute introductory consultation call is a mandatory prerequisite to ongoing collaboration.       : this initial conversation is a casual assessment that puts you in direct contact with tim brainard, founder of WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN.       : it is intended to provide an open space for discussing any questions you may have while exploring the possibility of uncovering new territory together.

the introductory consultation is completely FREE + appropriate for serious applicants only.       : click the button below to schedule a call now.




application process

once you have completed an introductory consultation with tim, you may be invited to join us in the pursuit of practical elegance + authenticity.       : this invitation will be your notification of acceptance into a collaborative partnership.       : the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN partnership is an intensive one-on-one learning experience between you + tim: a mutual journey of self-exploration + real-time transformative progress.       : once you have received your exclusive invitation to explore with us, it will be up to you to opt in to the experience by choosing your preferred course from the options listed below.       : have a look.





important note

we do not differentiate takeaways between programs, nor do we intentionally reserve any of our material for the 180-day course package.       : both packages provide equal access to the full range of WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN technologies + aim for equally transformative ends.

duration is the primary difference between our course options.      
: the 180-day package provides more space for integration + confirmation of long-term sustainability, deepening the experience through extended support, in-the-moment feedback, and collaborative innovation.


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90-day foundational

this is our beginning course package intended to jumpstart the process of self-investigation.       : explorers on this track can expect to receive all the tools necessary for designing a life of elegance, authenticity, artistry, and enjoyment.

- once-per-week strategy calls (phone or skype)
- introduction to systems technology + functional applications
- beginning instruction in foundational pillars (body listening + narrative design + wayfinding)
- beginning instruction in the three-i's (innovate + investigate + integrate)
- practical introduction to engineering way-of-being + way-of-life
- experiments, games, and practices for everyday application
- ongoing implementation evaluation
- collaborative progress tracking
- access via text + email

- a custom offer will be prepared based on individual needs + objectives
- payment plans + pay-in-full discounts available upon requests

- 90 days from the date of first strategy call


180-day full integration

this is our flagship offering, designed to comprehensively re-form the deep structure of an individual's everyday experience.       : the full integration package is an immersive journey of mutual exploration.       : participants on this track should prepare to experience profound + lasting impacts across all domains of life.

- all 90-day foundational course package contents+
- comprehensive application + integration of systems technology
- comprehensive practice + integration of all foundational pillars (body listening + narrative design + wayfinding)
- comprehensive practice in application of the three-i's (innovate + investigate + integrate)
- comprehensive instruction + practice in engineering way-of-being + way-of-life
- adaptive experiments, games, and practices for everyday application
- ongoing implementation evaluation + process iteration
- advanced option for in-person collaboration
- unlimited access via text + email

- a custom offer will be prepared based on individual needs + objectives
- payment plans + pay-in-full discounts available upon request

- 180 days from the date of first strategy call


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