way of being

each of us has a unique way of being in life.       : this way of being contains who we are + how we operate.       : refining our way of being involves paying attention to: the physical shape of our movement + posture, the content of our personal beliefs + subconscious stories (worldview), the ways in which we use ourselves + communicate with others, and our strategies for making decisions in everyday situations.       : way-of-being can be meticulously engineered.       : it is a core focus of our work in the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology.

way of life

way of life is the ground from which way-of-being emerges.       : think of it as an everyday ecosystem made up of: unconscious habits, personal routines, cultivated rituals, and physical environment.       : our way of life is a framework that can be intentionally manipulated in order to support our chosen way of being.       : this essential key to sustaining a helpful + elegant way of being in life is often overlooked; for this reason, way-of-life remains a core focus of our work in the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology, in tandem with way-of-being.




body listening

body listening is a deeply practical approach to learning, designed to cultivate curiosity + attention through physical sensation + direct experience.       : it is an adaptive network of tools invented to develop the innate human capacity for "listening in" to the body - an active exploration of human potential through innovative games, ideas, exercises, and experiments.       : this foundational pillar of the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology develops present moment awareness in a way that is practical, playful, and easy-to-integrate.

narrative design

narrative design examines the stories that we tell about ourselves + our worlds.       : this includes worldview (our internal framework), self-talk (often referred to as internal dialogue), and conversational tendencies (the words we use to express ourselves + communicate with others).       : narrative design actively restructures the quality of our internal narrative through intentional refinement of conversational choices, progressively + meticulously updating our worldview, self-perception, and communication strategies.


wayfinding deals with helpful + unhelpful orientations of being.       : within this context, a helpful orientation (GREEN) would create possibility, while an unhelpful orientation (RED) would result in limitation.       : wayfinding is an essential technology with a profound impact on the quality of our everyday experience of life, introducing a proven system for actively orienting toward possibility with clarity + intention.       : this foundational pillar of the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology develops true resilience + creativity.




the ultimate form of research

WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN operates from a deliberate position of playful exploration.       : this is perhaps the foremost key to accelerated learning.       : while the work (and the impact of the work) that we engage in is very serious, the mindset from which we choose to address that work is one of childlike wonder + curiosity.       : from this fertile space of inquisitive not-knowing, we loose the binds of conventional preconception + become truly liberated to hypothesize + experiment + observe + integrate.       : the aperture of our perception widens.       : we can take in more information, we become less reactive in how we judge that information, and we are significantly more imaginative + resourceful in how we make use of it in our lives.       : throughout every aspect of the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology, we work to cultivate a spirit of playfulness because it softens our habitual borders.       : it makes us porous.       : it makes us pliable.       : and it leads us inevitably to insight + innovation.

additionally + importantly, play is active.       : there’s no cheating or hiding or pretending: it must be engaged in, it must be met head-on by way of direct experience.       : we choose to operate inside of playfulness because that is the path of true discovery: the ultimate form of research.




practical application

our work is deeply scientific.       : hypotheses must lead to experimentation; new findings must be tested in real-world application; and analysis must lead to perpetual refinement.       : WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN is entirely dependent upon this process of experiential observation + improvement.       : we expose all of our ideas + findings to the rigors of everyday life because this is the only way to test against our primary criteria of practicality, sustainability, and effectiveness.

seamless integration

integrative practice is an absolutely vital aspect of our work.       : rather than dedicating time to practice, we choose to cultivate a way of life in which the possibility of practice is contained within any given moment we choose to take notice of.       : within this context, the unique + unpredictable experiences of everyday life become our ultimate training ground.       : even our most mundane tasks are elevated to the level of opportunity.       : no part of life is excluded.

incidental artistry

as more + more of our daily choices + interactions become enriched + refined by the deep wells of possibility contained within them, we soon find ourselves awash with originality inside a space of artistry + innovation.       : the unpredictable churning of circumstance takes on a whole new aesthetic relevance.       : we learn to improvise.       : we create.       : we expand our capacity for elegance + imagination.       : we train ourselves to dance with the blossoming unknown.


WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN       : a conscious renaissance in the value of aesthetic living