timothy brainard

WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN represents the current face of tim's lifework, drawing from a rich history of methodical self-education + a relentless personal process of searching-experimenting-integrating-testing-observing-and-refining.       : like the work itself, tim is unfinished: a process of perpetual unfolding.       : if life is a grand adventure, then WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN is, for tim, an opportunity to share important findings along the way, to give back, to expand the conversation, to never-stop-arriving.       : for you, it is an invitation: to choose on your own behalf, to step into a bigger story and discover a bigger you along the way.




collaborative learning

WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN is a laboratory for the dynamic exploration of self, a wide-open-space of experimentation.       : it is a space of adventure, of communal storytelling, of mutual exploration.       : traversing the landscape of wonder + uncertainty, we learn to depend on peer collaboration.       : within this context, tim operates simply as a guide.       : his role is to explore-alongside; to share knowledge of the terrain.       : here we are not teacher-and-taught; we are pioneers, collaborative learners, companions.      : will you join us?




observe + absorb

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WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN       : a collaborative partnership for wholesystem progress + discovery