whole systems

consider the anatomy of a web.       : imagine each individual node of this web connected to every other node.       : pluck the web at any given point, and watch the whole network fluctuate + ripple in response.       : a system is just like that - a complex mesh of interconnections.       : each individual part is understood within the context of its relationship to every other part.       : the systems perspective is important to our work because it reveals the possibility of addressing the human being as a whole instead of operating on individual areas of focus one-by-one.       : WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN applies this mindset to every domain of human experience.       : it is both a philosophy + a technology.       : it is unlike anything that has ever come before it.


by applying the systems perspective to our work of self-transformation, we quickly transcend the constraints of more conventional approaches.       : in place of plodding, predictable steps forward on a linear trajectory, we begin to experience parabolic leaps of insight.       : we do this by operating on the system-as-a-whole.       : we uncover a more creative path and, ultimately, a more economical one, too.       : instead of updating individual nodes one-at-a-time, we choose to update the system as a whole, affecting ALL nodes simultaneously.       : the process of learning + transformation is exponentially accelerated as a result.


too many of us have come to accept feelings of lethargy, inflexibility, and boredom as "normal".       : we resign ourselves to feeling stuck.       : WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN sets out to eliminate this unnatural way of being by stretching the boundaries of what-is-known through a process of experimentation + investigation.       : to be clear: this is a drive toward continual improvement, continual growth, continual expansion - a calculated disruption of comfort zones.       : it is a diligent pursuit of elegance + elasticity, a practical means of proving ourselves more capable than we once thought.       : it is a never-ending exploration of our innate potential + natural competence.       : it is the ultimate adventure.


we modern humans have learned to divide ourselves into segments, or nodes.       : in concept, we extend the "professional" node to enter our day of work, the "creative" node for those moments of self-expression, and so on.       : in practice, we leave ourselves behind.       : we take on shrunken personas.       : we make ourselves small.       : and this disjointed way of being costs us: sapping finite energy reserves + leaving vast reservoirs of personal potential inexcusably untapped.       : the alternative, of course, is to meet every experience with the full weight of our total being.       : accessing this powerful advantage requires a deliberate cultivation of inner unity, and is a core aspect of our work.





practicality is of supreme importance to the lasting value of any system professing to improve the quality of one's life.       : it is absolutely possible for an idea to be conceptually beautiful + functionally inoperable.       : without a firm grasp on how to make use of our best concepts in real life, it is impossible to bridge the gap between ideology + application.       : this is why every facet of our work is strictly grounded in a relentless dedication to practicality in all things.


sustainability is equally crucial to a system of practices intended to support self-development.       : it is absolutely possible for an idea to be perfectly useful + yet operatively unsustainable.       : since our work is an ongoing process of continual self-expansion, sustainability plays a primary role in its design.       : the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN methodology meets this criteria through a persistent focus on innovation + integration across all domains of life.


if a system of life-change is not effective in lending to a more elegant + authentic way of being, then it is of no use to us whatsoever.       : it is absolutely possible for an idea to be conceptually sound, easy to integrate, and functionally useless.       : this is why we choose to apply the scientific method of experimentation + observation to everything that we do within the WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN experience.       : here, the ultimate truth really is whatever works.




elevating the baseline

each of us has a distinct impression of what is to be expected out of life, a subliminal conception of normality.       : this conception acts as a framework to determine what is possible for us.       : we refer to this framework as the baseline experience.       : people with a low baseline expect little out of life; consequently, their access to possibility is limited.       : as a person's baseline elevates, new possibilities become available to them.       : practically speaking, their entire life experience advances to a new level of normality.       : the work of WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN intends to steadily elevate the baseline experience by presenting new possibilities + continually challenging our expectations.

illuminating experience

the truest answers will be found not by retreating from the experiences of our everyday lives, but instead by deepening into them.       : learning how to cope with life should not assume escape from it.       : this understanding is central to the work of WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN.       : our process is one of progress + inclusion, not withdrawal.       : what we really want is more of life: more artistry, more elegance, more momentum, more ease.       : because of this, every game, exercise, practice, and experiment that we dream up is meant to bring us more + more completely into the everyday experiences of our lives.


WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN       : a developing methodology for the practical exploration of human potential