- an index of prior experiments -



9, the movie
game: party of nine
mark whitwell + adaptability
invitation: free audio training course
experiment: questions/attention
introduction to self-inquiry
invitation: free consultation call
playlist: soft
yogic numerology
the kundalini yoga experience
quote: elsie de wolfe


discussion: transformative doorways
resource: design seeds
game: flipping the skill
discussion: habits vs. skills
playlist: productive
oracle cards / tarot cards
quote: andrew solomon


discussion: elevating the ordinary
first-spear + the woobie
discussion: rituals/doorways
sun potion + transformational foods
discussion: work + pleasure
playlist: expansion
medicine cards + the nine totem animals
quote: marie janicek


chef’s table
visionary learning
discussion: ego vs. higher self
introduction to red/green
playlist: groove
discussion: productivity + driving forces
finding: shifting from obligation to desire
quote: francis mallmann


marie janicek + intuitive movement
mark walsh + the embodiment podcast
joel monk + coaches rising podcast
howard cooper + rapid change matters podcast
playlist: stillness
ido portal + zones of learning
quote: mihaly csikszentmihalyi


rafe kelley + evolve move play
natural parkour + ecopsychology
music from ólafur arnalds
heartmath institute + appreciation-as-medicine
quote: john fire lame deer


jay salbert + abby gundersen
amanda blake on neurobiology + somatic coaching
discussion: conceptual vs. embodied self-awareness
introduction to the power of sensation
quote: amanda blake


ross edgley
doug silsbee + presence-based coaching
abby gundersen + robert lowell
quote: katie hendricks


ido portal + the atlantic
discussion: generalized learning
introduction to appreciative inquiry
discussion: motivation vs. inspiration
quote: ido portal


the ukebug
download: the kybalion
music from bonus points
healthforce superfoods
quote: steven heller


ido portal + london real
gabo saturno + handstand
discussion: environment-as-inspiration
introduction to direction-of-attention
quote: abraham-hicks


ido portal
discussion: resourcefulness + improvisation
dr. joe dispenza + becoming supernatural
quote: walter carrington


animal flow
music from tracey chattaway
quote: brian rose


victoria castle
guillaume laplane + gabrielle roth
quote: f.m. alexander


guillaume laplane
amanda blake + embodiment
quote: paul linden


coaches rising podcast + rick hanson
atilla taskiran
music from slow meadow
quote: william james


mikhail baryshnikov
introduction to diaphragmatic breathing
music from mtbrd
quote: steven pressfield


simon sinek
tatjana mesar yoga
music from sleeping at last
quote: viktor frankl



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